How We Work

At Beta we believe that while most businesses have a lot in common, most businesses are unique and so are the people who run them. Thus we believe that in order to achieve the most out of our relationship, we decided to create flexible ways of working with businesses. We are flexible in our methodology and can tailor bespoke solutions to suit every business needs and requirements.

Retained Basis

This service is usually considered when a client company is experiencing a complex and crucial change in its business life cycle (e.g. stage change from start-up to expansion). We provide all the tools, support and most importantly our own valuable business advice in making the right decisions for your business. We can manage multiple projects at once which can cover any specialist area listed in the following section. Example 1: your company is at the stage of international expansion, you will need experienced business advice on the optimal type of corporate structure, process improvement and optimisation and integration of transfer pricing policies to list a few. Example 2: Your Company is at the stage of requiring VC funding. Our consultapreneurs have years of experience in the process of securing such funding as they have managed venture capital portfolios. When preparing to pitch to VCs it is vital that your business plans is immaculate and has a particular attraction factor - we will help you find that factor.

Project based

This service is available for short-term, specialised projects which usually cover only one particular specialist are. Our consultapreneurs will add expert advice and support in solving your business issues by leveraging their own business experience and by utilising a wide range of business tools. A good example of what project based service might include is revising a business plan or developing a marketing & sales plan.

Beta Collabr8

The round table is an exciting and innovative approach to offering clients succinct and quick-fix solutions to everyday business issues. We host bimonthly, round table-style meetings with maximum twelve business owners from different sectors and industries. The purpose of these meetings is to openly discuss and brainstorm business issues in a business-intellectual environment. Clients can discuss any problems their businesses are facing for four hours; we provide on-site consulting and additional value is gained by receiving advice from other participants. Each client will receive direct and fully disclosed access to business knowledge and advice of our consultapreneurs who will lead the discussions so that all parties obtain an equal amount of consulting time. Such meetings have proven to be quite powerful when brainstorming is required for developing a solution to a business problem, since multiple minds are always more effective at this.

Business Health check

The business health check is a quick and easy review of the business operations, business performance and business development inhibitors. The health check consists of two days: Day 1 involves interviewing the management team and reviewing the business operations, including financial performance. This is a chance for the consultapreneurs to get acquainted with the company and its people. Day 2 involves identifying key areas of risk, control deficiencies, operational inefficiencies and value inhibitors this is then presented to the client in a detailed report. We will also provide initial guidance for rectification and business improvement. The health check is also a great opportunity for first-time clients to experience the potential of Beta’s value enhancement.