Areas of Expertise

At Beta we have experienced a wide range of different scenarios and challenges in business. We have advised companies of all sizes, and stages of growth. Our consultapreneurs are well versed and highly experienced in various areas of business. Our areas of expertise demonstrate the breadth of experience and expertise we have to develop solutions which will add value to any business.

Start up and launch support

Starting a new company can seem a daunting task; however our consultapreneurs have done it all. They can help you develop an immaculate business plan, arrange office space, business cards, basic marketing material and provide support in administrative work such as company and tax registration and advice on IP protection. We can also help you develop a solid supply chain by sourcing reliable suppliers from our credible network of business partners.

Business strategy and planning

A well known issue all business owners experience is being excessively focused on the detailed, day-to-day running of a company, hence almost all entrepreneurs forget to plan at some stage in the business cycle. This can be very damaging to a business; therefore our consultapreneurs are best suited for developing a business strategy plan from a fresh and external perspective. We will collaborate with the management team in order to define crucial mission drivers and objectives which will then be translated into timescales, Gantt charts and other business planning aids. Is your company a lifestyle business or does it have high-growth potential? Do you want to pass your business down to your family, or do you want to exit it in 10 years? – The Beta consultapreneurs will help you define and plan the correct business strategy for your company.

Fund raising support

At Beta, we are aware of the fact that cash really is King. Therefore we have made sure our network of contacts has strong roots in the world of potential investors such as business angels and venture capitalists (VCs). We focus on any type of financial support, from Government grants and bank loans, to business angels and VCs. Beta consultapreneurs have extensive experience in the private-equity sector and they have learned all tricks of the trade in securing that vital financial investment. We will help you prepare and develop yourself, your business and your business plan to the point of being investment-ready. Our focus includes financial projections, proof of concept, proof of sales and assistance in developing a perfect business pitch. Furthermore, our consultapreneurs will help you source the appropriate investor and negotiate a win-win deal.

Marketing and sales strategy

Next to cash management, market control and penetration are one of the most crucial elements of business success. We have therefore developed an extensive service schedule for clients seeking professional advice on marketing and sales strategies. The Beta consultapreneurs are knowledgeable in all fields of marketing, from market identification, market penetration to market testing and concept development. By utilising Beta’s network of business partners, we provide modern marketing options such as social media, online advertising and high-quality professional sales training.

Business process and performance improvement

Numerous established businesses struggle to escape their own operational limitations which impede further business expansion. These limitations are usually caused by inefficient business processes and performance inhibitors. Using their analytical mindset, the consultapreneurs will scrutinise and interrogate every step in the business process in order to identify bottlenecks and flow barriers. Once this has been achieved, preventative strategies will be defined and appropriate KPI monitoring enforced on all business activities. This tactic has demonstrated to unleash further growth potential in an already established company, and to build a platform from which the business can stably expand.

Financial management

Maintaining a watchful eye on the company’s financials is the most critical activity in any business practice. Our consultapreneurs provide a no-nonsense and succinct advice on financial management. They have multiple years of experience in managing cash flows and financial processes of numerous high-growth potential companies, for this reason they are able to rapidly identify financial deficiencies and find appropriate solutions.

Tax optimisation

Beta’s network of solicitors and accountants will be provided for services of developing a tax-efficient company, especially where international trading is a major business activity. Beta is able to develop tax efficient strategies to optimise tax positions of a business which is growing and expanding.

Corporate structuring

Companies in the growth/expansion stage will experience certain growth pains which can harshly impede the rate of business development. We can provide recruitment support, structural strategy and corporate structuring plans which will streamline the business and eliminate some of the growth pains.

Risk evaluation and control

For this service we enforce a continuous control cycle which follows the steps of risk identification, evaluation, prevention and monitoring. This strategy, coupled with further risk analysis using computational tools, will provide you with an inexpensive method of safe-guarding your business from impactful risks. Risk evaluation and control is all about protecting the value that has already been built in the business, or preventing loss in the future as a result of unmitigated risks.

International expansion

International expansion can be an amazing opportunity for your company, however it is vital that you are aware of the amount of time and money such an action requires. Many entrepreneurs fail in estimating the realistic situation and this can have extremely damaging impacts on the business. It is common business practice that companies hire consulting services during the period of initial international expansion, because in essence it is like starting a new business. Our consultapreneurs have managed such expansions on numerous occasions and have great knowledge of corporate structuring, transfer pricing policies, tax strategies, fund raising, marketing and branding. In addition they can also develop proof of concepts, survey foreign markets, develop sales strategy and formulate the best strategy to enter these foreign markets.

Business acquisition support

The Beta consultapreneurs have developed professional knowledge of business acquisition by running VC portfolios. They will prepare a succinct acquisition strategy which will focus on vital elements of the process, such as business valuation, due diligence and final administrative preparation for acquisition.

Exit preparation

Exiting a company is usually an exciting event in the life of an entrepreneur, hence we provide that vital support to make sure the entire process follows a smooth path. Our consultapreneurs have managed multiple MBOs and M&A’s, this has allowed them to build de-facto strategies for effective and swift exit processes.