The Beta Philosophy...

In contemporary business, the term beta is heavily utilised in the high-tech sector describing the continuous process of testing, reviewing and improving business processes and activities such as a website concept.

At Beta, we believe that every successful business, no matter how young or mature should always operate in the beta mentality. The argument for this lies in the fact that if a business is to maintain a competitive edge, it needs to keep reviewing/evaluating and improving its business offerings and performance.

Beta will work as business partners rather than consultants who perform projects with a short sighted and fee based mentality often stopping short of providing implementation/execution support. Beta is different because, it takes the role of a business partner who shares a vested interest with the shareholders, management teams in the performance of the business. Thus Beta is interested in working with businesses for the long term with the view to realising its full and true potential - whilst delivering practical, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions which deliver tangible commercial results, and significantly higher returns on investment for the cost of the service. There are millions of SME's who have currently run out of ideas or are struggling to understand what their next move should be - this is where Beta comes in - by plotting the path for next moves and re-invigorating the sense energy and value creation potential of the business.